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Community Medicine

Teaching Faculty

S.no Name Designation Email Id
1. Dr. Balkrishna B. Adsul Professor  (Addl.) adsulbb@gmail.com
2. Dr.Sanjay G. Panchal Associate professor drsangpan@yahoo.co.in
3. Dr. SmitaSantoshChavhan Associate professor drsmita1409@gmail.com
4. Dr.Sophia D. Fernandes Assistant professor drfernandescooper@gmail.com
5. Dr. Roshni Cynthia Miranda Assistant professor dr.roshnidsouza@gmail.com
6. MrAniketIngale Biostatistician cum Assist. Prof. aniketingale509@gmail.com
7. Dr. KirtiKinge Assistant professor drkirtikinge@ gmail.com
8. Dr. Prasad Dhikale Assistant professor drdpkem@gmail.com
9. Dr. ChaitaliBorgaonkar Assistant professor docchaitali@yahoo.com
10. Dr. ReemaWankar Assistant professor reema_wankar@yahoo.co.in
11. Dr. NafehaSiddiqui Tutor snafeha@gmail.com
12. Dr. ParmeshwarSatpathy Tutor drparamsatpathy@gmail.com
13. Dr. Aritra Bose Tutor
14. Dr. Vineeta Singh Tutor


  1. Vision of department
  2. To start post graduate degree (M.D.) course in Community Medicine by 2020.
  3. To develop the Rural Health training Center, Kaman, Vasai with referral linkages and develop a model to improve service component in National Health Mission


  1. Individual faculty information (name ,designations, experience ,publications, achievements) and photograph in following format


Information of faculty


1)    Dr. Balkrishna B. Adsul

Designation: Professor  (Addl.)

Experience: 30 years


1.     An efficacy, safety and tolerability study of Ferrous-Ascorbate and Folic acid (Phosfomin-XT) in Iron Deficiency AnaemiaIndian Journal of Clinical practiceApril 2012, Vol.22, No.11

2.     Health Problems among Migrant Construction Workers: A Unique Public-Private Partnership ProjectIndian Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineJan-Apr 2011, Vol.15, No.1 pp.29-32

3.     Comparative assessment of the Bio-availability, efficacy and safety of a modified- release (MR) Carbonyl-iron tablet and oral conventional iron preparation in adult Indian patients with nutritional Iron deficiency Anaemia, Journal of Indian Medical Association2005 June, 103 (6), 338-342

4.     A comparative evaluation of efficacy and tolerability of fixed dose combination of Ofloxacin – Tinidazole against Ciprofloxacin- Tinidazole in the management of Acute Infectious DiarrhoeaIndian Medical Gazette, Aug 2002, Vol.No.8, 309-325

5.     Can personal hygiene determine health- study amongst school children in a tribal area of Thane districtNational journal of Research in Community Medicine, April-June 2014, Vol.3, Isuue 2,(127-132)

6.     Prevalence of substance abuse among construction workers, PARIPEX, Indian Journal of Research March 2013, Vol.2, Issue-3 280-283

7.     A Cross sectional study of Quality of Life of Cancer patients attending Palliative Care OPD, National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine 2015;July August, Vol. 6 (4) pg. 63-67

8.     An Epidemiological Investigation of Diabetes in tribal area.The Indian Practitioner, October 2014, Vol.67, No.10, pp.607-610

9.     A study of select epidemiological factors associated with obesity in women above 20 years of age in an urban slum area, International Journal of Medical and Health Research,Dec 2015Vol. 1, Issue 3, page no:  74-80

10.                        Efficacy of Educational tool on emergency contraceptionMedPulse International Medical Journal, August 2014, Vol.1, Issue.8pp.404-408

11.                        Alarming levels of Drug-Resistance TB in HIV Infected patientsPLOS ONE, October 2014, Vol.9, Issue 10, E 110461





2)    Dr.Sanjay G. Panchal

Designation: Associate professor

Experience: 17 1/2Years






3)    Dr. SmitaSantoshChavan

Designation: Associate professor

Experience: 9 Years


·        Singh V., Chavan S, Patil S. et al. A study of perception of nurses on working environment in tertiary care hospital in Mumbai. Int  J Cur Res Rev, 2014:6 (11):18-23.

·        Singh V, Thakur K, ChavanS et. al. Impact of training workshop on knowledge and attitude for ‘zinc and its role in management of diarrhoea’ among peripheral health workers of Primary Health Centre of a tribal area in Thane district of Maharashtra. Int J Health Sci Res. 2014;4(6):1-8.

·        Patil SP, Singh VS, Chavan SS et. al. Study of pre-treatment practices and some of the epidemiological factors associated among dog bite cases attending outpatient department in tertiary care hospital. Int J Health Sci Res. 2014;4(4):34-39.

·        Patil SP, Singh VS, Chavan SS et. al. Knowledge and Attitude Regarding PCPNDT act among Medical Undergraduates: A Study Conducted In Teaching Institute Mumbai.  Innovative Journal of Medical and Health Science 4: 2 March – April (2014) 83 – 85.

·        Singh VS, Chavan SS, Giri PA, Suryavanshi SR. Study on awareness and knowledge regarding JananiSurakshaYojana (JSY) among ANC registered women in a primary health centre of tribal area of Thane District of Maharashtra. Int J Res Med Sci 2014;2:122-6.

·        Chavan SS, Giri PA, Singh VS, Sankaranarayan S. Study of Pap smear and other feasible tests among self reported symptomatic married women in reproductive age group (15-49 yrs) regarding reproductive tract infections in a rural community of Maharashtra. Int J Res Med Sci 2013;1:545-51.

·        Chavan SS, Shankaranarayanan S, Aras R, Study of Reproductive Tract Infections among Women in Rural Maharashtra, Medical Journal of D.Y.Patil University, Kolhapur, March 2012;Vol. V:Issue II, Page No. 24-30.

·        Kulkarni RN, Chavhan SS, Goregaonkar SR. A Study to Assess Awareness and Utilization of Reproductive and Child Health Services (RCH) Among Mothers in Urban Slum Population of Mumbai. International Journal of Scientific Research. Nov 2016;Vol. V:Issue 11, Page No. 177-179.

·        Chavan SS, Singh VS. Study of Effect Of Module Based Training of Universal Safety Precautions among Resident Doctors of Tertiary Care Hospital in Mumbai. Indian Journal Of Applied Research. Jun 2017;Vol. VII:Issue 06, Page No. 217-218.

·        Singh VS., Chavan SS, Patil SP. To study the effect of feasible modified teaching method based on student’s & teacher’s perceptions on teaching learning process in the department of Community Medicine of medical institute. International Journal of Advanced Research. Oct 2017;Vol. V:Issue 10, Page No. 879-882.



4)    Dr.Sophia D. Fernandes

Designation: Assistant professor

Experience: 17 Years


1.     Community based cross sectional study to assess the drinking water handling practices and its association with water borne diseases at household level, in a tribal community. Int J Community Med Public Health. 2018 Apr;5(4):1317-1322.


2.     Economic burden of diabetes mellitus and its socio-economic impact on household expenditure in an urban slum area. Int J Res Med Sci. 2017 May;5(5):1808-1813


3.     Socio- Economic and Demographic Variables Impacting the Costing of Diabetes Mellitus in an Urban Slum in Mumbai. IJRR Vol.4; Issue: 3; March 2017: 29-35


4.     A longitudinal study to assess the cost incurred by patients undergoing treatment for tuberculosis in an urban slum community. MAMC J Med Sci 2016;2:28-32


5.      The acceptance of H1N1 Influenza A vaccine by resident doctors in a tertiary care hospital of Mumbai. PakhareAbhijit P, FenandezSofiya D, ShindeRatnendra R. Determinants influencing immunization coverage among urban slum inhabitants in Mumbai, A cross-sectional study. Volume 16 (2) 2014.


6.     Determinants influencing immunization coverage among urban slum inhabitants in Mumbai, A cross-sectional study. Volume 16 (2) 2014

7.     Author of chapter “ Epidemiology  and importance of fever in pregnant women” in the book titled ‘Fever in Pregnancy: Too hot to handle (Handbook for practicing Obstetricians)’








5)    Dr. Roshni Cynthia Miranda

Designation: Assistant Professor

Experience: 4 years



1.     Malik SS, D’Souza RC, Pashte PM, Satoskar SM, D’Souza RJ (2015) Development of Indicators for Patient Care and Monitoring Standards for Secondary Health Care Services of Mumbai. PLoS ONE 10(3): e0119813. doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0119813


2.     Fernandes SD, Miranda RC, Fernandes SDA et al. Socio- economic and demographic variables impacting the costing of Diabetes Mellitus in an urban slum in Mumbai. International Journal of Research and Review. 2017; 4(3):29-35.


3.     Bansode-Gokhe SS, More J, Shinde RR, D’Souza RC. Epidemiological study of socio-demographic factors and mental health status in geriatric population in an urban slum area of Mumbai. Journal of the Indian Academy of Geriatrics. 2013; 9:61-67.


4.     Deokar SM, Dandekar SP, Patke VG, Khatib Y, D’Souza R, Karnad S, Deokar A, Chaturvedi R. Quantifying Serum IL-1β Cut-Off Point for Detecting Cardiovascular Diseases in a Population from Western Maharashtra. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2018 Jul, Vol-12(7): BC18-BC21



6)    MrAniketIngale

Designation: Biostatistician cum Assist. Prof.

Experience: 21/2 Years

Publications: Generation and District wise study of sex ratio,International Journal of Health Science and Research, Vol. 2, Issue7; Oct 2012


7)    Dr. KirtiKinge

Designation: Assistant professor

Experience: 31/2 Years


1) Kinge KV, Supe AC. Epidemiology of animal bite cases reported to anti-rabies vaccination OPD at a tertiary-care hospital, Nagpur. Int J Med Sci Public Health 2016;5 (Online First). DOI: 10.5455/ijmsph.2016.15112015250

2) Dr. KirtiKinge, Dr. Anita Shenoy, Dr. S.R. Suryawanshi Assessment of the Knowledge of Sti/Rti Among Females Attending General Opd of Ngo in Rural Area. International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol : 4, Issue : 12 December 2015

3) KirtiVinayakKinge ,AmitChandrakantSupe, 2015. “Association between hypertension and diabetes mellitus in slum of Mumbai”, International Journal of Current Research, Vol. 7, Issue, 12, pp.24278-24280, December, 2015

4) KirtiKinge, AmitSupe “Association Between socioeconomic status And Diabetes Mellitus in Perimenopausal Women in an Urban Slum of Mumbai”— International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research 2015; 6(12): 853-855.

5) KirtiKinge, AmitSupe “Association between Physical Activity and Diabetes Mellitus in Perimenopausal Women in an Urban Slum of Mumbai.”– Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 2015; 3(9B):3216-3218

6) KirtiKinge, AmitSupe “Association between Body Mass Index and Diabetes Mellitus in Perimenopausal Women in an Urban Slum of Mumbai.”    Indian Journal of Applied Research Vol 6 issue 1 Jan 2016, 49-50

7) Supe AC, Kinge KV, Badole CM, Wandile KN, Patond KR. Minimally invasive percutaneous plate osteosynthesis in distal tibial fractures–A series of 32 cases International journal of Orthopaedics Sciences, 2016; 2(1): 6-9

8) KirtiVinayakKinge, Anita G Shenoy, S. R. Suryawanshi. Diabetes mellitus in perimenopausal with family history of woman in an urban slum of Mumbai. Medpulse-International Medical Journal. August 2016; 3(8):748-750.

9) KirtiKinge, Anita G. Shenoy, S. R. Suryawanshi. Determination of the Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among  Perimenopausal Women in an Urban Slum of Mumbai.  International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. October 2016; 5(4):272-275.


8)    Dr. Prasad Dhikale

Designation: Assistant professor

Experience: 51/2 Years


1.     Dhikale PT, Suguna E, Thamizharasi A, Dongre AR. Evaluation of Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation program for adolescents in rural Pondicherry, India. Int J Med Sci Public Health 2015;4(10):1360-5.

2.     Dhikale PT, Muruganandham R, Dongre AR. Perceptions of the community about epilepsy in rural Tamil Nadu, India. International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. Int J Med Sci Public Health 2017;6(3):628-33.

3.     Dhikale PT, Solanki MJ, Shrivastava SR.  A Study of  Epidemiology of Hypertension in an Urban Slum Community of Mumbai. Biol Med 2015;S3: 003.  doi: 10.4172/0974-8369.S3-003

4.     Dhikale PT, Dongre AR. Process Documentation of Activities at an Urban Health Training Centre. Global Public Health Conference 2014:63.

9)    Dr. ChaitaliBorgaonkar

Designation: Assistant professor

Experience: 1 Year


1.     An epidemiological study of occupational health and safety practices amongst barbers in a slum area of Mumbai’ published in the GJRA – Global Journal For Research Analysis in 7th Issue of Volume 6 in July 2017.

2.     Treatment outcomes and their determinants amongst Tuberculosis patients at a dots center in urban slum published in theInternational Journal Of Scientific Research Volume-6 Issue-8 August – 2017.

3.     “Determinants influencing health status of welders in a sub-urban slum of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India” published in the International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health in the 10th issue of volume 3 in October 2016.

4.     ‘Morbidity pattern among primary school children in a tribal area of Maharashtra’. Published in IJCMPH Volume 5, Issue 1 in January 2018.

5.     ‘Role of rural Health Training Centre in Secondary Prevention of Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases’ Accepted for publication in International Journal Of Scientific Research Volume 6, Issue 12, December 2017.

6.     ‘Trend Analysis Of Leprosy Cases At A Primary Health Centre In Thane District Of Maharashtra’ published GJRA – Global Journal For Research Analysis in 1st Issue of Volume 7 in January 2017.

7.     ‘Quality assessment of under-five clinic services at urban health centre setting of medical college of Mumbai district’ Published in International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development  Volume 5; Issue 2; February 2018; Page No. 01-04


10)   Dr. ReemaWankar

Designation: Assistant professor

Experience: 1 Year


1.     A Study of Sociodemographic and Morbidity Profile of Women Residing in the Rural Area of Beed District. International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research 2017;4(5):1053-1056.

2.     A Study of Reproductive Tract Infections among Reproductive Age Group Women in a Rural Hospital of Maharashtra. International Journal of Scientific Research 2017;6(9):103-104.

3.     A Study of Various Morbidities in relation with Biomass Fuel used in Rural India. International Journal of Scientific Research 2017; 6(10):198-100.

4.     Effect of Pterygium Excision on Pterygium Induced Astigmatism and Visual Acuity. International Journal of Advanced Health Sciences 2014;1(8):1-3.


11) Dr. NafehaSiddiqui

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 1 Year


1.Is mothers’ knowledge and practice regarding childhood immunization compliant with immunization completeness? Int J Community Med Public Health 2017;4;755-80

2.Study of workplace violence, its risk factors and perceptions about workplace security in doctors of Paithan. Int J Community Med Public Health 2017;4;1978-92

3. Metabolic syndrome :a growing threat. Knowledge scholar International peer reviewed journal of Multidisciplinary Research Nov-Dec 2014;1:38-57

4.Dtudy of changing trends in place of delivery in nrural women in relation to pre post NRHM period in Paithan, Aurangbad (MS) Int J Community Med Public Health 2017;4;28-32

5. Study to access the sociodemographic determinants and the reason for preference of place of delivery in rural women of Paithan, Aurangabad(MS). Int J Community Med Public Health 2017;9;1965-70

12)Dr. Parmeshwar Satpathy

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 1 Year


1.Trends in Seroprevalence of Tranfusion Transmissible Infections among Blood Donors in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Maharashtra : A nine years study. International Journal of Scientific Research. Volume 7 Issue 6 June 2018

2.Free flap versus pedicled flap reconstruction for oral cavity malignancies: treatment algorithm based on our experience with 37 cases in our institute. Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research Volume 4 Issue 12 December 2016.



13) Dr. AritraKumar Bose

Designation: Tutor



1.A cross sectional study to access the utilization to take take home ration provided to children below age of 3 years under ICDS –International  Journal of Scientific Research. Volume -7, Issue-3, March2018.


2. Changes in family dynamics of patients with MDR-TB and assessment of the coping mechanisms adopted by the families – A qualitative study.- Indian Journal of applied research. Volume – 8, Issue-3, March 2018.


14) Dr. Vineeta Singh

Designation: Tutor




  1. Sections or branches of department:

As per the MCI guidelines the department of Community Medicine has its Urban health training center (RHTC) at Swami Samarth Nagar, Lokhandwala, Mumbai. (located at Plot CTS no. 1’/223-A& L-222-A, S.No. 4I of

Village Oshiwara, [K/W], Andheri west, Mumbai).The necessary administrative sanctions havebeen obtained from the Local Authority Bodies.


Department of Community Medicine has adopted three Primary Health Centres namely Kaman PHC, Satpati PHC, KelveMahim PHC of the Palghar District of Maharashtra. Out of these three PHCs, Kaman PHC, Ta. Vasai, District Palghar is upgraded to Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC). The State Government Resolution (GR) is taken and also available on website. Memorandum of Understanding between District Health Dept and HBTMC is done.


  1. Services provided by department:
  2. a) Managing Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) of Dr. R. N. Cooper Hospital.
  3. b) General OPD, under-five clinic, Geriatric clinic, Healthy mother OPD, Adolescent girls program conducted in Urban Health Training Centre.
  4. c) Health camps and health awareness programs conducted in the field practice area of UHTC.
  5. d) School health camps.


  1. Activities of the department:
  • Academics ( teaching schedules /practical /clinical posting for student)


  1. New services started since 2015 –

Under-five clinic, Geriatric clinic, Healthy mother OPD, Adolescent girls program conducted in Urban Health Training Centre.


  1. CME/ Conferences/ Training/workshop conducted by department (year 2015-18)


  1. Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (PMDT) RNTCP training.

Date: 20th and 21st March 2018

No. Participants: 139.

  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Workshop for Medical teaching faculty.

No of Participants: 36

  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Workshop for Resident doctors and Nursing staff

No of Participants: 57


CHV training program being conducted at UHTC


Geriatric camp conducted at Anand Nagar


National Nutrition week program organized for mothers and children


Urban Health Training Centre, Swami Samarth Nagar, LokhandwalaMuseum –Department of Community Medicine



Museum – Department of Community Medicine



Inauguration of Rural Health Training Centre, Kaman, Vasai.



School Health Check up Camp



Health Check up of children attending Anganwadi’s under ICDS – Orientation


Collaboration with Health Post for service delivery in the field training area of UHTC