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Community Medicine

1) Teaching Faculty

Current Update Feb,2020

S.no Name Designation Email Id
1. Dr. Balkrishna B. Adsul Professor  (Addl.) adsulbb@gmail.com
2. Dr.Sanjay G. Panchal Associate professor drsangpan@yahoo.co.in
3. Dr. SmitaSantoshChavhan Associate professor drsmita1409@gmail.com
4. Dr.Sophia D. Fernandes Assistant professor drfernandescooper@gmail.com
5. Dr. Roshni Cynthia Miranda Assistant professor dr.roshnidsouza@gmail.com
6. MrAniketIngale Biostatistician cum Assist. Prof. aniketingale509@gmail.com
7. Dr. KirtiKinge Assistant professor drkirtikinge@ gmail.com
8. Dr. Prasad Dhikale Assistant professor drdpkem@gmail.com
9. Dr. ChaitaliBorgaonkar Assistant professor docchaitali@yahoo.com
10. Dr. ReemaWankar Assistant professor reema_wankar@yahoo.co.in
11. Dr. NafehaSiddiqui Tutor snafeha@gmail.com
12. Dr. ParmeshwarSatpathy Tutor drparamsatpathy@gmail.com
13. Dr. Aritra Bose Tutor
14. Dr. Vineeta Singh Tutor


2) Vision of department

  1. To start post graduate degree (M.D.) course in Community Medicine by 2020.
  2. To develop the Rural Health training Center, Kaman, Vasai with referral linkages and develop a model to improve service component in National Health Mission

3) Individual faculty information (name ,designations, experience ,publications, achievements) and photograph in following format

Information of faculty


4) Sections or branches of department:

  • As per the MCI guidelines the department of Community Medicine has its Urban health training center (RHTC) at Swami Samarth Nagar, Lokhandwala, Mumbai. (located at Plot CTS no. 1’/223-A& L-222-A, S.No. 4I of
  • Village Oshiwara, [K/W], Andheri west, Mumbai).The necessary administrative sanctions havebeen obtained from the Local Authority Bodies.
  • Department of Community Medicine has adopted three Primary Health Centres namely Kaman PHC, Satpati PHC, KelveMahim PHC of the Palghar District of Maharashtra. Out of these three PHCs, Kaman PHC, Ta. Vasai, District Palghar is upgraded to Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC). The State Government Resolution (GR) is taken and also available on website. Memorandum of Understanding between District Health Dept and HBTMC is done.


5) Services provided by department:

  • a) Managing Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) of Dr. R. N. Cooper Hospital.
  • b) General OPD, under-five clinic, Geriatric clinic, Healthy mother OPD, Adolescent girls program conducted in Urban Health Training Centre.
  • c) Health camps and health awareness programs conducted in the field practice area of UHTC.
  • d) School health camps.

6) Activities of the department:

  • Academics ( teaching schedules /practical /clinical posting for student)


7) New services started since 2015 –

  • Under-five clinic, Geriatric clinic, Healthy mother OPD, Adolescent girls program conducted in Urban Health Training Centre.


8) CME/ Conferences/ Training/workshop conducted by department (year 2015-18):

  1. Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (PMDT) RNTCP training.
  • Date: 20th and 21st March 2018
  • No. Participants: 139.

  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Workshop for Medical teaching faculty.
  • No of Participants: 36

  1. Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Workshop for Resident doctors and Nursing staff
  • No of Participants: 57


Museum – Department of Community Medicine



School Health Check up Camp


Inauguration of Rural Health Training Centre, Kaman, Vasai.



Health Check up of children attending Anganwadi’s under ICDS – Orientation


Collaboration with Health Post for service delivery in the field training area of UHTC