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Name of the Department:Department of Pediatrics
Date: Established in 1958
Name & Email ID of HOD: Dr CharusheelaWarke (c_warke2000@hotmail.com )

1. Teaching Staff
Sr No. Name Designation
1 Dr Charusheela Warke Professor& Head of the Department
2 Dr Minal Wade Associate Professor
3 Dr Baraturam Bhaisara Assistant Professor
4 Dr Nusrat Ansari Assistant Professor
2. Location
Pediatric OPD: Hospital Building Upper Ground , C Wing-B2
Pediatric Department: College building 2nd floor
NICU: Hospital building 2nd floor E- wing
PICU & Ward : Hospital building 2nd floor F-wing ,Ward 16
Immunization OPD : Lower Ground Floor, F-wing, F 13
3.Section /Unit Details
Dr. Charusheela Warke (MD,DCH,IBCLC)
Associate Professor
Dr. D.K.Singh (MD)
Honorary Professor
Dr. Minal Wade (MD,DCH)
Associate Professor
Dr. Anjali.Bhatawdekar(MD)
Honorary Professor
4.OPD / Department timing
Sr No OPD Days Timing
1 General Pediatric OPD Daily 8.30 AM – 12.30 PM
2 Immunization OPD Daily 8.30 AM – 12.30 PM
3 High Risk Newborn OPD Thursday 8.30 AM – 1.30 PM
4 Child Rehabilitation OPD Tuesday 8.30 AM – 1.30 PM
5 Pediatric Pulmonology OPD Wednesday 10 AM – 12.30PM
6 Pediatric Hematology OPD Friday 10 AM – 12.30 PM
7 Emergency Pediatric Services Daily 24 hours
5.Facilities& Special Services

1] Outpatient Management:
a) General OPDs:

  1. General Pediatric Opd
  2. Immunization OPD
  3. Well baby OPD
  4. School Clinic

b) Speciality OPDs:

  1. Pediatric Pulmonology OPD
  2. Pediatric Hematology OPD
  3. High Risk Newborn OPD
  4. Child Rehabilitation OPD

c) Pediatric OPD patients in emergency hours round the clock.
2] Inpatient Management with round the clock services in the form of:

  1. Pediatric Ward
  2. Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) which has a 20 bedded Inborn Unit.
  3. Pediatric Intensive care unit (PICU)
  4. Postnatal care (PNC) babies
6.Guidelines/Instructions for patients for OPD’S /Investigations etc.
  • General OPD :   9am-12pm daily /upper ground floor/ OPD no 4
  • Emergency Pediatric  Services : 12pm to 9am daily/ Pediatric ward-16/F wing 2nd floor
  • Immunization OPD  : 9am-12pm daily/Lower ground floor/ F wing/F13
  • Measles vaccination on Thursday only
  • Neonatal OPD : 9am–12pm daily/Lower ground floor/ E wing/E1
  • High Risk OPD: 9am–12pm Thursday/Lower ground floor/ E wing/E1
  • Child Rehabilitation Clinic : 9am-12pm Tuesday/Lower ground floor/ F wing/F13

7. Contact No. 022- 26210042 (EXT 256)
8. Courses offered with status of recognition
UG: MBBS – MCI Recognised
PG: DNB – NBE Recognised
         DCH – CPS Recognised
Fellowships: NIL
Certificate courses: NIL

9. Yr wise details of the award/achievements received by student or faculty.

  1. Dr Charusheela Warke

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teacher and guide
  • Trained Lactation Consultant
  • National & Internation publications
  • Author of chapter in book
No. Faculty Name Awards
1 Warke C, Award Poster Paper- Third Prize in the State Conference of the National Neonatology Forum (NNF), Mahableshwar, Nov 2011 MAHANEOCON 2011,
2 Warke C 2nd Prize in the 49th National Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, PEDICON 2012 Gurgaon, Jan 2012
3 Warke C Prize in Miscellaneous Category of MOGS Dr. LM Shah Prize at the Mumbai Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society Annual Conference-16th & 17th March 2013.
4 Warke C. Third Prize- “Shirin Mehtaji Competition” at Mumbai Association of Medical Women of India Conference-22/06/13.
5 Warke C
Second Prize,
“Dr Winifred Fernandez Prize Category” at the National Conference of the Association of Medical Women of India (AMWI) held on 18th & 19th January 2014.
6 Korday C Photo submitted of NICU from India was selected as one of the 10 best prize winning photos all over the world. Also won cash prize of 100 $ along with this in the WABA (World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action) photo contest 2014. This winning photo has also been incorporated in the WABA Action folder 2014.
7 Dr Charusheela Warke First Prize ‘Shirin Mehtaji Competition For Postgraduates” on 22nd August 2015 at Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, Mumbai.
8 Dr Charusheela Warke Achievements:

  1. Advanced NRP Instructor Training – 20/04/13 at Sion Hospital, Mumbai.
  2. Passed the NRP trainers online exam in 2014
Sr. No. Position held Organization
1 Member MBPC
2 Member NNF
3 Member MBIAP
4 Member BPNI
  • Dr. Minal Wade
  • Executive committee member of Mumbai Hematology group
  • Recipient of best paper award in 2005 in Mumbai Hematology Group
  • Member of Athawale Research Foundation (LTMGH,Sion )
  • Member of Pharmacovigilance committee
  • Member of Bioethics committee
  • Dr.  Baraturam Bhaisara
  • Member of Anti-ragging committee
  • Trainer for MCOD (Medical Cause of Death) certified by MGCM in collaboration with Bloomberg Philamthropy & CDC, Atlanta USA.

4. Dr Nusrat Ansari
Member of IAP Growth & Development Group

10.Yr wise details of CME programmes,conferences and any other academic activities conducted by department
Sr.No Date Topic Organising Department
1. 04/01/2015 Neonatal Resuscitation workshop Dept.of Pediatrics
2. 12/02/2015 CME on Inborn error of metabolism Dept.of Pediatrics
3.  24/07/2015 ORS week Celebration Dept.of Pediatrics
4. 12/08/2015 Symposium on “Breastfeeding” for residents & Nurses Dept.of Pediatrics and
Dept.of Obstetrics & Gynecology
5. 10/02/2016 Perinatology CME on Newborn  Screening Dept.of Pediatrics and
Dept.of Obstetrics & Gynecology
5. 05/04/2016 Neonatal Resuscitation training Programme Dept.of Pediatrics
6. 02/05/2016 World asthma day celebration Dept.of Pediatrics
7. 22/07/2016 ORS week celebration Dept.of Pediatrics
4 02/08 /2016 BREASTFEEDING  week celebration Dept.of Pediatrics
5 05/10/2016 BFHI workshop Dept.of Pediatrics
11.Future plan
  • To start outborn facility in NICU
  • To start fully functional PICU
  • To develop Pediatric Pulmonology speciality OPDs
  • To develop Pediatric Hematology speciality OPDs
  • To start post graduate Fellowships for PICU
  • To start post graduate Fellowships for NICU
  • To conduct research activities
12. Photographs of the Department
Non teaching staff
Designation No.
Sr/Jr. Scientific Officer
Laboratory technician
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Attendant
Clerk /CCT 1
Record Asst./Store keeper