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  • IPD/Ward – 2nd Floor Hospital building A & F wing
  • NICU – 2nd Floor Hospital building E wing
  • PICU – 2nd Floor Hospital building F wing
  • Department – 2nd floor College building
  • OPD – OPD No 4, Lower ground floor, Hospital building

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022-26210046  Extn: 310/311

Teaching Faculty

Non Teaching Staff

Activities of the Department

Details of Dissertation

No List of authors Title Status
1 Dr Anupama Mauskar Dr Vinay D.N.B student Study of Clinical profile and outcome of Extramural neonates Completed
2 Dr Anupama Mauskar Dr Sanjeev Kumar Study of clinical profile of severe Dengue in children admitted in PICU Completed
3 Dr. Charusheela warkeDr. Baraturam BhaisaraDr. Mangesh P. Narwade “Breastfeeding knowledge and attitude among mothers of infants aged 6 months to 7 months at tertiary care hospital: a cross sectional survey” Completed
4 Dr. Minal WadeDr. Shweta Picky eating behaviour in children 1-5 years age and it’s effect on nutritional status. Completed
5 Dr. Minal WadeDr. Chandrakiran Impact of computed tomography in management of children with respiratory illness. Completed
6 Dr. Minal WadeDr Baraturam BhaisaraDr Nusrat Ansari “Knowledge and practice among the residents regarding the sterile technique during aseptic procedure in the ward”. Completed
7 Dr Nusrat AnsariDr Anvesh Suchit Tamboli “Identifying parental stress and its psychological impact amongst the parents of children admitted with acute critical illness in Intensive Care Unit”. Completed
8 Dr Anupama Mauskar Dr Nusrat Rahim InamdarDr Kannu Priya Incidence of acute urticaria with or without angioedema & evaluation of its etiological factors Completed
9 Dr Anupama Mauskar Dr Nusrat Rahim Inamdar Dr Romana Siddiq Lakhani To study the prevalence and etiological factors of constipation in pediatric age of 2-12years Completed
10 Dr. Charusheela Warke Dr Carpur Subhash Shirsat Effectiveness of swaddling as a modality of pain relief in the neonatal period for heel prick glucose estimation Completed
11 Dr.Charusheela Warke Dr Baraturam Bhaisara Dr Nakkarkanti Shiva Koti Vasu Study association between Isolated minor ear anomalies & Renal Anomalies in a Tertiary Care Centre Completed
12 Dr. Minal Wade Dr Ratnesh Kumar Namdeo To identify features and early laboratory markers in children with dengue fever to predict morbidity & mortality Completed
13 Dr. Minal Wade Dr Aboli Vijaykumar Ramdasi Clinical profile of infants & Children presenting with hypocalcemia Completed
14 Dr. Anupama Mauskar Dr Govind Choudhary Anthropometric Assessment of patients with Cerebral Palsy: Comparision of Nutritional status using growth curves specific for cerebral palsy Vs WHO MGRS Completed
15 Dr. Baraturam Bhaisara Dr Srinivas Gaikwad Preoperative Evaluation of Pediatric patients with Severe to Profound Hearing loss posted for cochlear implant Completed
16 Dr Minal Wade Dr Vidya Barule To study role of antiemetics in management of Dengue Fever in Children Completed
17 Dr Charusheela Warke Dr Neha Pichad Assessment of patient reported asthma outcome and practice adherence to elements of asthma guidelines after introducing asthma APGAR score in children with wheezing Completed
18 Dr. Baraturam Bhaisara Dr Monalisa Pradhan Study on prevalence of hearing impairment among NICU graduate in a tertiary care hospital Ongoing
19 Dr Charusheela Warke Dr Pruthak Shah A Prospective observational study to determine the overall mortality and individual mortality in each morbidity studied in extremely low birth weight babies admitted to NICU Ongoing
20 Dr Minal Wade Dr Anveshini U Study of Prevalance of Headache in School going Children of age 7 to 15 years of age in Mumbai Ongoing
21 Dr Anupama Mauskar Dr Shaikh Khadija Tabshir Analysis of early death within 48 hours in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in a tertiary care hospital. Ongoing
Additional courses with list of students
CPS DCH – 04 students per year
Sr No Name Admission year
1 Dr Akshara Satarkar 2019-2020
2 Dr Shreeprasad Chavan 2019-2020
3 Dr Monica Gurnani 2020-2021
4 Dr Patil Suhas 2020-2021
5 Dr Abhinav Kumar 2020-2021
6 Dr Manjit Chavan 2020-2021
Details of following activities since inception
(with photos wherever possible)
  • CME
  • Conferences
  • Other Academic activities (including timetables)
Sr No PG Activity / teaching Frequency
1 Bed side teaching Daily
2 Grand rounds Once per week
3 Seminar Once per week
4 Case presentation Twice per week
5 Journal club Once a month
6 Statistics & mortality review meeting Once a month
7 Clinico-pathological / clinico- radiological & hematology slide session Once every 3 months
8 Guest Lecture Once every 3 months
9 Formative Assessment Test (as per NBE guidelines) for DNB trainees Once every 6 months
10 IDSP update & AFP surveillance meet Annually
11 Departmental review meet for dissertation synopsis Annually
12 Scientific committee meeting Annually
Annexure C attached (Photos)
S/N CME/Conference/Guest Lecture Organized by Place/Date Number of Participants Faculty
1 ORS week celebration – elocution competition for undergraduate student Department of Paediatrics & IAP HBTMC & Dr.R.N.Cooper hospital 24.07.2017 12 Dr. Minal Wade
2 ORS week celebration Department of Paediatrics & IAP HBTMC & Dr.R.N.Cooper hospital 28.07.2017 25 Dr Prarthana Kalgaonkar
3 Training Programme on “Breastfeeding & Infant & Young Child Nutrition” for Faculty, Residents and Nurses of Pediatric, OBGY & PSM Depts. Department of Paediatrics & IAP HBTMC & Dr. R.N. Cooper Hospital on 22rd & 23th August 2017 61 Dr. Charusheela Warke Dr. Baraturam Bhaisara
4 ‘Under 5 wheezing’ On World Asthma Day by Dr Barnali Bhattacharya CIPLA Pharma HBTMC & Dr.R.N.Cooper hospital 3-5-2017 20 Dr Anupama Mauskar
5 Management of Juvenile Diabetes mellitus- Guest lecture Dr Anjali Bhatawdekar HBTMC & Dr.R.N.Cooper hospital 11th ,18th and 25th july 2017 25 Dr Anupama Mauskar Dr. Charusheela warkeDr Minal Wade Dr Baraturam BhaisaraDr Nusrat Ansari
6 CME on Behavioral Development Pediatric department HBTMC & Dr.R.N.Cooper hospital 21-1-2018 45 Dr Nusrat Ansari
7 Acute Flaccid Paralysis Survillance CME 2017 Pediatric department HBTMC & Dr.R.N.Cooper hospital 24-07-2017 35 Dr Baraturam Bhaisara
8 IAP Pediatric Quiz for Undergraduates Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC & IAP HBTMC, Paediatric Dept 80 Dr. Minal Wade Dr Ankita Shah
9 Breast Feeding & IYCN CME 2018 Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC HBTMC, 23/24th August 2018. 60 Dr. Anupama Mauskar, Dr. Charusheela Warke Dr. Baraturam Bhaisara
10 Breast Feeding /LM CME 2018 Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC HBT Trauma hospital, 28th August 2018 60 Dr. Anupama Mauskar, Dr. Charusheela Warke
11 ‘Parent Education Program’ on Childhood Asthma, Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC HBTMC, 24th Sept.2018 50 Dr. Anupama Mauskar
12 Resource person for MR campaign K ward CNMS School, Dec 2018 500 Dr. Charusheela Warke
13 Celebrated world kidney day a lecture on ‘UTI in Children’ for PG students Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC HBTMC, 14th March 2019, 40 Dr Punit Chhajed
14 Celebrated World TB day, Revised RNTCP guidelines, Seminar Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC HBTMC,24th March 2019 40 Dr Kalyani Thakre
15 CME on Bladder Problems in Children Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC HBTMC, 23rd June 2019 60 Dr Anupama Mauskar, Dr Punit Chhajed Dr Brinda Jain
16 IAP Quiz intercollegiate round Dept of Paediatrics HBTMC & IAP HBTMC, 14th July 2019 50 Dr Minal Wade, Dr Ankita Shah
17 Prevention of Kidney Diseases: From Womb to Tomb. Dept of Pediatrics, HBTMC HBTMC, 12th March 2020 (World Kidney day) 70 Dr Anupama Mauskar, Dr Punit Chhajed
Academics ( teaching schedules /practical /clinical posting for student)
UG teaching
  • Lectures on theory topics, clinical posting with bedside teaching for students of 4th, 6th & 8th Semester MBBS student
  • Conducting internal & university level theory & practical examinations from time to time.
  • Intra collegiate IAP Quiz for students. Winners represent the college at Inter College round.
  • Participation in Multidisciplinary quiz at the Annual Educational & Cultural Fest of the college.
  • Promoting research activities in students – research paper presentations & publications.
  • Supporting and mentoring students for ICMR research projects.
PG teaching (Trainees in DNB Pediatrics)
  • Orientation lectures, training on CPR, NALS, ICD-10
  • Seminars, Workshops, Case presentation, Journal clubs.
  • Mortality audits & PNMR meetings
  • Infectious disease surveillance
  • Training in management of malnutrition,
  • Hematology Slides Session, Clinico-pathological & Clinico-radiology meet,
  • Health camps, Disaster management drills
  • Training in Medical certification of cause of death
  • Reviewing and guiding for dissertation
  • Paper presentation at local and national platform,
  • Encouraging original research publications
  • Conducting their internal & university theory & practical examinations
Awards and Achievements received by students and faculty since inception.
  • 1st prize at Poster presentation awarded to Dr Vikram Yaragatti at 20th EMBICON, 2018, Mumbai.
  • 1st prize awarded to Postgraduate student of Dr Charusheela Warke at Dr. Shirinji Mehta Competition for postgraduates” Association of Medical Women in India (Mumbai Branch) on 03.12.2016 at Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, Mumbai.
Results for examination for the year in the following format
Degree/Diploma Year No of Students Appeared No of Students Passed Passing percentage
UG M.B.B.S 2019-2020 2020-2021 150 149 99.3%
PG DNB Pediatrics 03 – Primary 03 – Secondary 2019-2020 2020-2021 06 02 33.33%

Other information

Sections/Units of the department
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Nutrition OPD services
  • Pediatric Asthma & allergy / Pulmonology services
  • Pediatric Hematology services
  • Pediatric Nephrology services (including Pediatric renal biopsy & Peritoneal dialysis)
  • High risk follow up OPD/ Child Rehabilitation center
  • Immunization & well baby clinic
  • Disability & Developmental clinic
  • School Clinic
Services provided (new and old)
  • Routine and emergency services provided to children from the age of 0 – 12 years.
  • Daily OPD’s with designated days of specialty OPDs.
  • Well-equipped NICU & PICU with 24 hour services provided to sick newborn & children.
  • Round the clock EPR services in Casualty.
  • Immunization & nutritional OPD with counseling of the parents about the best feeding practices for their child.
  • Carry out services rolled out in National programs from time to time.
  • Providing care to newborns in the PNC & LSCS ward.
  • Evaluation and treatment of children at various social health camps.
New services started since 2015.
  • Starting of Pediatric Hematology OPD (2015).
  • Pediatric Pulmonology OPD Inauguration (03.05.2016).
  • 5 Bedded Pediatric Intensive Care Unit started from July 2017.
  • Pulmonary Function Test started fro Sept.2017.
  • Allergy Skin Test. Started 14th Feb 2018.
  • Malnutrition Rehabilitation OPD Feb.2018.
  • Microscopy for Hematology services, April 2018.
  • Started Pediatric Nephrology OPD Nov.2018.
  • Developmental OPD started from 5th April 2019.
  • Disability OPD started in April 2019.
OPD Services
General Pediatrics
  • All aspects related to sick children
Immunization/ Well baby clinic
  • Growth monitoring, assessment & immunization (routine & catch up) of neonates, infants & children till completion of immunization
Pediatric Asthma / Allergy
  • Skin prick testing for allergens, Pulmonary function test and Peak flowmetry.
  • Assessment, evaluation and follow up of children with hyperactive airway disease, Childhood asthma & other allergies (Urticaria, allergic rhinitis etc)
Pediatric Nephrology
  • Evaluation, management of children with kidney diseases (UTI, Nephrotic syndrome, CKD, Renal tubular acidosis, hypertension etc) and bladder dysfunction (nocturnal enuresis, daytime wetting & overactive bladder)
  • Follow up of antenatally detected renal anomalies & children with neurogenic bladder.
Pediatric Pulmonology
  • Assessment, management & follow up of children with pneumonia, bronchiolitis, bronchiectasis and other chronic lung diseases (Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, Interstitial lung disease etc).
Nutrition Clinic/ Nutrition rehabilitation center
  • Assessment & monitoring of nutritional status of infants & children, Provision of supplementary nutrition (MNT – Ready to use therapeutic food),Diet & nutrition counseling of parents of malnourished / underweight children, Follow up of children with malnutrition.
Disability & Development
  • Assessment and interventional management of children with delayed development and physical disability, Collaboration with physiotherapy & occupational therapy in management of these children, Assessing degree of disability for providing disability certification.
Pediatric Hematology
  • Follow up and management of children with Anemia, Hereditary hemolytic anemias, bleeding disorders etc.
High risk / Child rehabilitation
  • Follow up clinic for infants with prolonged stay in Neonatal ICU.
School health clinic
  • Health and disease management for children from various MCGM schools.
Specialty-wise bed distribution
  • Unit I – 30 beds
  • Unit II – 30 beds
  • Unit III – 30 beds
  • NICU – 10 beds
  • PICU – 05 beds
Time And Days
OPD Time
General Pediatrics Mon – Sat 9 am – 12.30 pm
Immunization/ Well baby clinic Mon – Sat 8.30 am – 12.30 pm
Pediatric Asthma / Allergy Monday 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
Pediatric Nephrology Monday 10.30 – 12.30
Pediatric Pulmonology Wednesday 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
Nutrition Clinic Wednesday /Saturday 10.30 -12.30
Disability & Development Wednesday & Friday 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
Pediatric Hematology / Thalessemia clinic Friday 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
High risk / Child rehabilitation Friday 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
School health clinic Monday / Wednesday / Friday 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
Patient related/ Non-academic Activities
  • Drawing, painting and colouring activities for children in ward.
  • Breast feeding support, counseling and advice for mothers.
  • Awareness camps/ counseling sessions for parents of children having asthma.
  • Celebration of ORS week – demonstration outside the OPD and in the ward about home based care of diarrhea in children.
  • Nutritional advice, counseling and growth monitoring for undernourished children.
  • Provision of Ready to use Therapeutic food (RUTF) to malnourished children.
  • Nutritional and dietary counseling of mothers looking after undernourished children.
  • Celebration of Breast Feeding week – Creating awareness and motivate mothers to give exclusive breast feeding to their children till 6 complete months of age.
  • Sessions on complementary feeding for mothers – when to start, what foods to give and how frequently etc.
  • Training and motivation of parents to provide Kangaroo Care for the low birth weight & premature babies
  • Explain the parents about the need and importance of immunization. Resolve their doubts and misconceptions regarding vaccination.
  • Support for parents of differently abled children.

CME, Conferences:

Vision of the Department

  • To provide evidence based care in office and emergency pediatrics.
  • Promote pediatric sub specialties and make it available to children from all sections of the society
  • Impart quality medical education to trainees in Pediatrics
  • Upgrade knowledge and keep abreast of the developments in medical science, across the globe, by partaking and organizing CMEs, workshops and seminars
  • Plan for the next 3 years
    • Starting MUHS PG course (M.D. Pediatrics) in process
    • Starting NICU services for out born neonates referred from Western suburban Mumbai
    • Start Thalassemia day care center
    • Setting up a Human Milk Bank in collaboration with Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • To start Pediatric Endocrinology, Neurology & Cardiology services
    • To start Hemodialysis & plasmapheresis services for children