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Pharmacovigilance Committee


The Pharmacovigilance Committee is comprised of following members as of February 2022

  1. Shailesh Mohite

    (Dean & Chairperson)

  2. Prasad Pandit

    (Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology and Member Secretary)

  3. Neelam Redkar

    (Professor & Head, Department of Medicine)

  4. Geeta Ghag

    (Professor, Department of General Surgery)

  5. Reena Wani

    (Professor Additional, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

  6. Tejal Patel

    (Professor Additional, Department of Pharmacology)

  7. Minal Wade

    (Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics)

Resource faculty:

  1. Kiran Bhave

     (Professor, Department of Pharmacology)

  2. Medhinee Kulkarni

    (Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology)