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HBTMC Physiology First MBBS Timetable 2019-20

Current Update feb 2020
CBC Physiology, HBTMC, Mumbai 2019-20

HBTMC foundation courses For First MBBS(2019-20)

CBC Foundation Courses, HBTMC, Mumbai 2019-20

Teaching Faculty

Sr. no. Name Designation Email Id
1 Dr Lalita Chandan Professor &head drlchandan@gmail.com
2 Dr Sunanda Kirtikar Associate professor kirtikar.sunanda@gmail.com
3 Dr Bhakti Kharate Associate Professor bhaktirahul03@yahoo.com
4 Dr Mukta Bidikar Assistant Professor bidikarmukta@gmail.com
5 Dr Sarika Santosh  Puri Assistant Professor drsansar@gmail.com
6 Dr.Esha Yeshwant Angane Assistant Professor esha.angane@gmail.com
7 Dr Shubhangi Deshmane Tutor shubhdeshmane@gmail.com
8 Dr Nidhi Rathi Tutor nidhierathi@gmail.com


Vision of department :


(i) To become centre of excellence in human physiology training for undergraduate and post-graduate student.

(ii) To expand, promotive and preventive patient care activity and provide research base for the same through holistic health care centre.

(iii) To promote functional diagnostic testing for various disorders.


Individual faculty information (name ,designations, experience ,publications, achievements) and photograph in following format



Location of IPD/ward and department : NA

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Location, Time and days if any for OPD :

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Holistic health Care OPD

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Sections Or Branches Of Department :
  • Hematology lab
  • Clinical lab
  • Amphibian lab
  • Mammalian lab
  • Research lab

The Yoga OPD was started on 12th April 2016 in Dr RN Cooper Hospital under department of Physiology. Patients suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases and lifestyle diseases are taught specific yogic asana, pranayama, relaxation techniques depending on their ailments. Training is given to patients to continue the practices on a daily basis.

OPD Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm

Day: Tuesday

Venue: E wing, Lower ground, Dr RN Cooper Hospital, Mumbai.


Nutrition OPD started in June 2017.

Here patients /healthy individuals are guided about healthy food habits. Diet prescription is given to them according to their needs. Lifestyle modulating changes are advised and significance of exercise in daily routine is explained.

OPD Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm

Days: Monday & Thursday

Venue: E wing, Lower ground, Dr RN Cooper Hospital, Mumbai.

Contact detail: Dr. Lata Joshi – 9322265822


Services provided by department:

Same as above


Activities of the department:

  • Academics ( teaching schedules /practical /clinical posting for student):
    • Teaching Physiology to I MBBS students
    • International yoga day celebration carried out since 2015
  • Research activity by department/faculty


New services started since 2015: Mentioned above

  • CME/ Conferences/ Training/workshop  conducted by department (year 2015-18)
  • CME titled “prevention of lifestyle related disorders –
  • a holistic approach” on  july 5, 2016 . Maharashtra medical council has granted 1 credit hour for the same

  • CME titled “Yoga and stress- an overview” on 28/11/2017 . MMC had granted 2 credit hours for the same
  • Labeled photographs of activities (CME/Conferences/workshops) conducted by department. (If any)

CME organized

image009 image010

Yoga day celebration

image011 image012