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General Surgery

  1. Teaching Faculty
Sr. no. Name Designation Email Id
1 Dr. Smruti Ghetla professor smruti.ghetla@gmail.com
2 Dr. geeta ghag Associate professor geetaghag1@gmail.com
3 Dr.milind more Associate professor
4 Dr. rajinder singh Associate professor
5 Dr.erbaz momin Asst professor
6 Dr.vinaykumar thati Asst professor
7 Dr.ushma butala Asst professor ushmabutala83@gmail.com
8 Dr.kamalkumar shukla Asst professor
         9 Dr.sandip bamnote Asst professor
10 Dr.anupam shukla Asst professor


  1. Vision of department
  • To improve and increase the spectrum of health services
  • To conduct more educational and academic oriented programs
  • To inculcate superspeciality services in house
  1. Individual faculty information (name ,designations, experience ,publications, achievements) and photograph in following format


Dr. smruti ghetlaProfessor

21 years teaching experience

International Surgery Journal Prospective study of risk factors for abdominal wound dehiscence
International Surgery Journal .Jan 2017 Malignant obstructive jaundice- A study of investigative parameters & its outcome
International Surgery Journal .Jan 2017 Role of serum Albumin and BMI as predictors of post operative morbity and mortalityin elective major abdominal surgeries
Passport photo
Dr.geeta ghag

Associate professor

21 yrs teaching experience

Bombay Hospital Journal

2011 Vol 53 Pg 272-274

Windsock’s Diverticulum Of The Duodenum Causing Obstructive Jaundice
Bombay Hospital Journal

2012 Vol 54 Issue 3 Pg 460-463

Unicentric Castleman’s Disease Located In Mesentery Of 12 Year Old Child
Journal Of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association Intra Thoracic Dislocation Of Humeral Head- A Case Report
International Surgery Journal A Study Of Correlation Between Gall Bladder Pathology And Tuberculosis
Indian Journal Of Gastroenterology

July-Aug 2003 Pg 150-151 Vol 22

Acute Necrotizing Gastritis
Journal Of Indian Medical Association Efficacy And Safety Of Oxum In Treatment Of Venous Ulcer
Indian Journal Of Gastroenterology

2004 Vol 23 Issue 2 Mar-Apr Pg 74-75

Giant Mesenteric Cyst Of Abdomen Herniating Into Scrotum
Passport photo
Dr. milind more

Associate professor

17 yrs teaching experience

Basal cell Carcinoma of sole Bombay hospital journal
Comparison of Laparoscopic TAPP(Transabdominal preperitoneal) and Laparoscopic TEP(Totally Extra Peritoneal) Techniques for Inguinal Hernia Repair International Organisation of Scientific Research journals
Cytogenetic Study in Females with Secondary Infertility Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research
Dr. rajinder singh

associate professor

Published In International Surgery Amoebic Liver Abscess: An Appraisal.
Published In Journal Of Clinical And Diagnostic Research Analgesic Effect Of Intravenous Lignociane, Tramadol And Ketorolac In Attenuating Propofol Injection Pain
Published In International Surgery Biliary Complications Of Cholecystectomy
Published In International Surgery Choledocholithiasis: Endotherapy Versus Surgery
Published In Indian Journal Of Surgery Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours: A Series Of 12 Cases.
Published In Indian Journal Of Surgery. Large Retroperitoneal Lipo Sarcoma – A Series Of Five Cases.
Published In Indian Journal Of Surgery. Hypergiant Hepatic Hemangiomas: Case Series.
Published In Endoscopy Rectal Fistula Due To Ovarian Teratoma
Dr. erbaz momin

Assistant professor

11 yrs teaching experience

Indian Journal Of Applied-Basic Medical Sciences Laparoscopic Management Of A Perforated Duodenal Ulcer. Case Report From Municipal Hospital
Clinical Cancer Investigation Journal Cytodiagnosis Of Calvarial Metastasisof Renal Cell Carcinoma Masquerading As A Cavernous Hemangioma After A Long Latency
The Indian Practitioner Laparoscopic Total Extraperitoneal Mesh Repair For Recurrent Inguinal Hernia
Indian Journal Of Applied-Basic Medical Sciences Trends And Outcome Of Emergency Surgery For Duodenal Ulcer Perforation
Dr. vinaykumar thati

Assistant professor

11 yrs teaching experience

International Surgery Journal Comparison Of Operative Procedures For Re Leaks Duodenal Perforation
Dr. ushma butala

Assistant professor

7 yrs teaching experience

International Surgery Journal A Study Of Correlation Between Gall Bladder Pathology And Tuberculosis
Internet Journal Of Surgery, Extensive Pyloric Metaplasia Of Tubulo-Papillary Adenoma OfGall Bladder.
Bombay Hospital Journal, Chronic Radiation Enteritis.
Indian Journal Of Surgery, Primary Grynfeltt’s Hernia.
Journal Of International Medical Sciences Academy Giant Axillary Lipoma With Ipsilateral SupraclavicularExtension.
Internet Journal Of Surgery Splenic Epithelial Cyst: A Rare Entity.
Bombay Hospital Journal,0542-0182 Primary Paratesticular  Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma
Indian Journal Of Cancer Adenocarcinoma At The Angle Of Treitz : A Report Of Two Cases With Review Of Literature
Dr.kamalkumar shukla

Assistant professor

7 yrs teaching experience

Journal Of Pancreas 25 Nov 2015. Vanishing Pancreas Following Extensive Pancreatic Necrosis With Lack Of Regeeration
International Journal Of Surgical Cases. Spontaneous Intramural Duodenal Haematoma With Concomitant Acute Pancreatits
International Journal Of Scientific Study® Feasibility Of Single Incision Laparoscopic Appendectomy With Conventional Instruments
Dr. sandip bamnote

Assistant professor

4 yrs teaching experience

Dr.anupam shukla

Assistant professor

1 yr teaching experience


  1. Sections or branches of department

Four units with composition as follows:





  1. Location of IPD/ward and department



  1. Location, Time and days if any for OPD


Daily OPD

  1. Services provided by department


OPD Department

General Surgical OPD located in the lower ground floor OPD building

Caters to Avg. 250 OPD patients per day


Indoor Dept.

Surgical ward:  

(Male & Female) 150 beds located on 5th floor hospital building

SICU:  10 beds, on third floor D Wing

Trauma unit: 7beds on upper ground floor F Wing

Burns  Unit : 8 General beds, On the 5th floor


  1. Activities of the department:
  • Academics ( teaching schedules /practical /clinical posting for student)
  • Research activity by department/faculty   
  • Emergency services
  • Surgical procedure
  1. New services started since 2015
  • Plastic surgery services
  • Neurosurgery services
  • Paediatric surgery services
  1. CME/ Conferences/ Training/workshop  conducted by department (year 2015-18)

Wound care and wound management: December 2017